Spa - Sauna

  • Private sauna for two including slippers, towels, bathrobes and herbal tea: 1 hour £30 - 2 hours £40
  • Bespoke group bookings available 
  • Epsom and Lavender Salt full body scrub £30
  • Organic Coffee Body exfoliation £30
  • Warm Dead Sea Mud Body Bath (45 minutes) £40
  • Sauna with sauna Master (sauna tuition - body scrub) 1 hour £70

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Sweat bathing is a tradition of numerous cultures, for thousands of years; some of the most famous being the Finnish Sauna, Russian Banya, Roman Thermal and American Indian Sweat-lodge.

Roman Baths were so big they often housed shops and libraries…and continuing in that tradition Barking Learning Centre now has a Sauna on offer.

Tucked away behind the books and learners, you can enter a zone of tranquillity and warmth. Take some time away from the stresses of modern-day life and take some time out to relax, sweat, heal and clean… in the traditions of our ancestors.

“Sitting in a sweat bath could be the most vigorous activity you’ve had all day. the heat produces an artificial ‘fever’ and urges every organ of your body into action. While outwardly relaxed, your inner organs are as active as though you were jogging or mowing the lawn. At the same time you are being cleansed from inside out by the skin, your body’s largest organ and is excretion, sweat.

The oldest known medical document, the Ayurveda, appeared in Sanskrit in 568 BC and considered sweating so important that it prescribed the sweat bath and 13 other methods of inducing sweat. Throughout history physicians have extolled the medicinal value of the sweat bath in it’s various forms.”

Mikkel Aarlard, Sweat 1978

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